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I am not sure where to really post this...i was reflecting on the past 10 years + of my life and how much this company has grown. i've pretty much played everything blizzard and met alot of really awesome people along the way. for some reason the warcraft addiction just doesn't stick anymore and i'm not really sure why anymore. but this is pretty much a thank you for the last 10+ years of awesome gaming! Always had awesome music gameplay and cinematics/storyline. i thought it would be cool to have a thread for WoW memories. something that stood out or an event that happened. I'll kick it off with my first impression of wow when i was leveling up horde on my pvp server there was a raid from orgrimmar to ashenvale..i'll never forget i didn't have a mount and so me and some others had to run on foot while all the people on there mounts that costed like 1,000 gold sped past us and eventually making it to astrannar to die but was worth the walk and the experiance!
bump for good times!

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