[H] 2300+ Hunter Seeking 3v3 Team/RBGs

I just came back last week and am in the process of gearing myself for arena once again. I am not necessarily searching for a team right at this time that is playing at 2200+ as my 4 pieces of PvP gear will not hold up, but I am searching for players with prior arena experience.

If anyone has a RBG team that would like a hunter I am equally interested in finding a BG team to run with since Blizzard has decided that I cannot get conquest capped every week without running rated battlegrounds.

Add me at Bain#1386 to chat in game. :)
Still looking - 50 points for my op PvP weapon.
Still looking for a team. I'll have my PvP weapon next week.
Still looking. Somewhere there must be another couple of PvPers on this server.
Im a 2300+ DK that just got back from boot camp, I am interested but I am undergeared as well.. Just got my PVP weapon
If you are interested this seasOn will be closing I am gonna put together a RBG team for next seasOn whisper me in game this toon or Deamonsonia

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