Molten Core Question

Always wondered Blizz, Why are plans like core felcloth bag and the spell power enchant boe and the core marksmen rifle and biznicks 247x128 accurascope, bop

always made me a little sad since i am missing one of the schematics and seen them drop on other chars.
I always wondered that myself actually. You can enter it solo now if you want to go farm as a 90 it shouldn't be a problem. A few of my guildies went through there for the guild cheevo somewhere between level 85 and 90 and it was no problem to get through it.
I haven't seen any engi schematic drops yet, but I did have a core felcloth bag recipe drop for me on a run and it was tradable.

I hope the engi schematics are tradable as well. I never got them on my engi character even when the only raid in WoW was MC ;(
My nonengineer mage probably saw the engineering patterns drop a dozen times while he was getting Exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords, so the drop rate has to be pretty beefy---I'm guessing around 25%. It's not smart loot, though.
It would be nice if it was smart-loot, or at least BoE.

I've gotten almost all of the pattern drops, but almost always on the wrong char. BS patterns on my engineer, engineering schematics on my BS, tailoring patterns on my leatherworker, etc.

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