Character Transfer looking for good home

Hi Everyone!

My wife and I need to find a new realm for our toons. We have moved so far from the Los Angeles data center that the lag to our current realm (Muradin) is too great for us to play there anymore.

How do you enjoy Turalyon? Would it be a good home for mature, helpful but very casual players who are altoholics and mainly interested in socializing, battlegrounds, exploring, and achievments?

Thanks very much for you time and assistance! :)
We have a socialite rank if you'd be interested.
For mature helpful casual players... sure... are there that many mature helpful casual players that aren't you coming here..... hehe well.. no
i think this is a more weed based environment rather than alcoholic friendly...unless youre talking about zieara.....but come on over you can join my casual socialite helpful trollass and make this server the best EVER....

LOL, we may do just that! Thanks for your feedback we really appreciate it!
Hi Shrodinger,

Feel free to get ahold of me through battletag Kass#1233.
If you're an altaholic anyway, I'd suggest rolling an alt here and checking it out yourself before you spend the money to transfer.
Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been overwhelmed in RL this week and haven't had a chance to indulge my hobby.

Thank you all very much for your help. I'm going to spend some time on the realm with a new alt, and hopefully will be able to afford a transfer soon! See you in game. :)
If you just want a place to exist, I'll gladly let you join us. We have quite a few couples.
are you swingers? rofl jk
How are you liking the server? We ended up picking Turalyon as it was on a nearby data center, seemed to have a balanced population and a decent AH market for when we wanted to indulge in a little shopping.

We're in a similar position that we did a transfer here and looking to make some friends who like to play casually.

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