Selling Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Mount!

Burning Legion
Hello, I have 9 Skyshards and I'm farming to receive my tenth right now.

I'm selling this mount: Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent for 150k.

This mount can only be received by obtaining 10 of these Skyshard which have an extremely low drop rate from mobs in vale of eternal blossoms.

I'd give you master loot, break the shield surrounding Alani (the mob that drops this mount) and we'd kill it together. 10 Skyshards/one Sky Crystal is required in order to break the shield surrounding Alani.

Please reply on this thread if you are interested! Thanks!
Price reduced from 150k to 100k
Price reduced from 100k to 50k!
put a zero before the k and you got a deal ;)
if you still have it i'm in to buy

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