476 Mage transferring

The realm I am on right now is dead, and I will be transferring here within a few days. I will be looking for a guild that raids (somewhere between casually and hardcore), preferably on the weekends or at around 8 PM EST on weekdays.

I've been playing on-and-off since TBC, but I've been on a series of dead servers, so my raid experience is limited to raid healing in Cata on a holy priest and some MSV on my mage. I feel I could go farther if I were part of a proper raiding guild. I am not a brain-dead DPS.

I will also have my priest and an affliction warlock to 90 soon, and they will transfer over as well. If you wish to contact me, my battletag is Hikoboshi#1715, or just post here I suppose.
Added you ;)
Just posted a thread for our guild, sounds like a good fit for you. We raid Fri/Sat 9pm EST. I'll add your battletag.

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