Resto Druid LF Guild

I'll likely be transferring to this server and I'm looking for a raiding guild. I'm available from 6pm-12pmEST on all days except Friday and Saturday.

I have 6/6MSV 3/6 HoF experience, ilvl 487. - my current guilds raid logs
I'm very interested in recruiting you. Go ahead and add me on RealID Slenderman#1484 Ill be on all day today :)
Greetings Astronomic,

We currently have a healer spot open on our core team. Our raid times are Tue, Wed and Thur 7-10pm server. Further info can be found at
Twisted Paradigm is currently 6/6 MV, 4/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES and is looking for a few more raiders to fill out our ranks. Right now we have 10 raiders but are looking to set up a rotation featuring 12 raiders for 10 slots. Rotation will be based on loot needs and performances on progression bosses. New recruits are not being recruited to the bench, there will be a solid rotation making sure no one sits for an extended period of time.

Twisted Paradigm's core transferred here from Terrokar a couple years ago and is just now getting back into serious raiding. During our time on Terrokar and other servers, members of our team have registered top 200 kills as well as all hardmodes during Wrath. This team is serious about progression and our raids reflect that.

Recruits are given an initial 1 week trial period to evaluate skill, communication as well as overall knowledge of their class. After the trial period is over, the recruit will be either promoted to full raider status making them eligible for loot or left at the initiate rank. Contact Blobberz or Pasttense in game if you're interested for a quick 5 minute vent interview.
We just transferred over to Stormrage this past weekend and we are looking for a few members to fill out our 10 man core raiding team. We lost some players due to real life situations. Our raid nights are currently Wed/Thurs 9:30-12 EST. But we are looking to possibly be switching that to Tues/Thurs 8:00-12:00 EST. We currently have the first 4 bosses of MV, and the first boss of HOF on farm status.

We are a 21+ guild, which usually eliminates any and all drama. As a guild we provide our own website (, provide all flasks, potions, guild food and bank repairs to our core raiders.

If interested we would love to discuss further, you can reach out to Rexigar or Danski in game.

For more information please feel free to check out our recruitment post below.

I look forward to hearing from you.
"No mercy raiding"
Qlawk (Raid leader)
4/6(Heroic)MSV, 6/6HoF, 4/4 ToES


Loot distribution method

Tues,Wed,Thurs, *Possible Sun*, Mon
7:30PM-11:30PM Server

-100% effort on every pull.
-100% Knowledge of your class.
-100% knowledge of the boss mechanics
-Raid attendance (Miss to many raids and you're gone)
-Good attitude towards Heroic progression.
-Complete application on our website:
-Current logs. ( We will accept your LFR logs, since it allows us a look at your playstyle)
*Feel free to Leave a post and times you can be contacted for a interview in vent. Also, contact me or Qlawk in game for more information regarding our team. If this team is not a fit for you, there are plenty of teams in the guild that might suite your raiding needs from hardcore, semi hardcore to casual raiding. Thanks again!

Your logs and gear look to be in order. Team "No mercy raiding" is very interested in giving you a trial run in our heroic progression group. Get at me or Qlawk in game or go to and apply to raid in our team!

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