Domination point rep trinket

wanted to know how this is gonna scale when we can get it but its an on use trinket from domination point revered.?
Im assuming for fury right now the top 2 trinkets are Lei shins final order and relic of xuen. Im using carbonic carbuncle and relic because in lfr or normal clears 3 weeks havent been blessed. So when this thing hits is this gonna be up there in top 2? what to replace with
If you don't have access to the Heroic Will trinket, then yes it'll go well with your DMF trink.

I do believe it sims higher than the DMF trink, alongside heroic Lei Shin, but the fact that it costs 1750 VPs to get (and therefore you have to forgo 3 upgrades elsewhere) would all but rule this out for those who have access to Heroic-Lei Shin.

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