Upgrade conq. wep or upgrade dreadful first?

So I've hoarded up my conquest points thus far and next week I will be able to get my weapon. Since I will have extra conquest once i buy my weapon, would it be more beneficial to upgrade the weapon as soon as I get it, or go ahead and upgrade another piece like my head? (obv. if i upgrade wep then i'll get the dreadful head) I know for melee, wep would prob be most important but I wasnt sure if it was the same for casters. Sorry if this has been asked 1000 times, I tried to find an answer.
Upgrade your weapon and any Malevolent gear you already have. Only buy new Malevolent once all your current pieces are upgraded.

Go kill the Sha every week and use a gold coin for 2 shots at free Malevolent PvP gear. Then upgrade those with your weekly conquest points. Rinse and repeat.


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