Bloodthirsty for RBG'S on BH!

Bleeding Hollow
I’m currently @ 1702 CR looking for a stable RBG team: I play resto/Balance PVP and am very well geared. Looking for a stable group or the closest thing to it I can find without changing guilds. I will not change guilds for PVP as it is secondary but still important to me. Prefer Resto~

So I transferred here about two weeks ago and have gotten in on some really good RBG (Pug) groups so far but nothing seems set or maybe I’m just missing out? My availability is pretty much any night/day except Tues-Wed-Thru 8-11 server.
If able to get into a decent set group I don’t mind starting with a group of a lower MMR either (=

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via BT: Lavanis#1375 or real ID
I neglected to mention that I can bring cookies!
My hair is far more fabulous than yours.

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