Temple of Kotmogu

12/07/2012 08:49 PMPosted by Bourque
It would be really nice if hunters didn't have to wait for their pet to go all the way to the stairs when they jump down into the middle of this map. A hunters pet is about 55% of his damage and without a pet a hunter cannot survive. Why can't the pet just jump down?

And hunters wonder why I love Marks so much...Pet does about 10% of my damage, maybe less as marks. I can switch targets with ease without waiting for pet to get there. I can shoot people above from below on this map and kill them!
Shad up you're a hunter... you can not say anything this patch... for you're annoying..
12/08/2012 09:44 AMPosted by Burter
Dubmuffin please stop using you're when you should be using your, it's giving me a !@#$%^- headache this kind of illiteracy.

Retard moment of the month. A player gets pissed at another player for spouting off facts, then in turn finds a single error in their spelling and says, "LAWDY LAWDY! WHAT A HEADACHE I HAVE FROM YOUR INABILITY TO TYPE!"

BTW, you're not grammatically correct by a long shot. In a single sentence, you had more errors than dubmuffin had in his novel of information. Your sentence should be:
"Dubmuffin, please stop using "you're" when you should be using "your." This kind of illiteracy is giving me a f@$#%^g headache."

You're kind of a @@@*@%##, you changed the topic from pet mobility at temple of kotmogu, to a hunter CC debate with a hunter who thinks he's simply fantastic but doesn't know how to play his class, but after reading Butter's comment, then watching the video you linked, i nearly shat my pants. Props on the link.

L2P, nuff said.

IMHO they should give water elementals, demons, and hunter pets the ability to take a mere step off of a ledge, but we'll just have to sit back and see what blizz does with it. I sympathize with the extra time it takes for your pet to get down to the center, but I'd personally just delete this post before more people start hopping in on this troll fest.
12/08/2012 09:24 AMPosted by Rainbowdash
AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA hunter cc worst in game rofl its been acknowledged by glad level players that if hunters are brought up to equal damage with other burst class they will be op not borderline op just straight up op

Please go watch some high end arena footage.

Every single match that you see hunters in, you will hear a healer call out 'Scatter!'

You then get to watch one of the healers partner cast lifegrip, intervene/safeguard, charge stun, blood fear, deep freeze, any silence, stun, or disarm, and the hunter is no longer able to land ice trap.

On the rare occasions that neither teammate has a single ability to use, they can simply walk over to their healer. They have 2-4 secs to do this before the trap activates due to the GCD after scatter, flight, and arming time of the trap itself.

On the very rare occasion that the healer has no teammate nearby to walk on top of the trap, the scatter shot pathing will randomly walk the target away from the thrown ice trap.

If a single one of the above scenario's happen, the hunter now has to wait another 30 secs before his trap comes off CD.

If a mage or lock have their CC stopped somehow, they just cast it again and again until it lands. Hunters cant rotate CC chains on multiple people like mages and locks.

Please enlighten us as to why you think hunter CC is the best in the game. Hell, it's probably the only CC in the game that can be stopped by either a silence or a disarm(both stop a hunter from throwing traps).

@PaetheasL2P, nuff said.

I would expect someone as stupid and unskilled as you to respond to a fact filled post with something as dumb as this. Next time you are in an argument, you might want to try some 'your momma' jokes seeing as how facts and reality aren't your strong point.

If you have any facts or legitimate views to add other than your derpy troll comments, feel free.
12/08/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Paetheas
If you have any facts or legitimate views to add other than your derpy troll comments, feel free.

Meh, just a few more comments. Namely the fact that no one has supported you on this entire post and also that you've managed to screw the OP over by changing the topic from an honest question that he wanted answered to a hunter CC debate.

12/08/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Paetheas
the scatter shot pathing will randomly walk the target away from the thrown ice trap.

LOLOLOLOL, once again, nuff said. If you can't aim a scatter freeze then perhaps you are the stupid and unskilled one of the two of us. Oh, also warlocks and mages arn't the only classes in the game, as they are the only 2 you have solidly mentioned over and over. Regardless, my job of trolling here is done, I have work elsewhere now. Feel free to comment back but it will never make it to my eyes. IMO you should just unsubscribe.

Up up and awaaay!

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