Horde dominated realm?

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Im on Frostmourne atm and its dominated by Alliance, which is rather annoying when trying to quest. Im thinking of moving one char to another realm, preferably high population and horde dominated. Any suggestions?

cheers! <3
Barthilas is 2:1 Horde:Alliance
Won't make a single difference when questing or what have you, crz takes care of that, your only choice is to go PvE or nut up and shut up.
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Thaurissan is 8:1 Horde:Alliance.

last time i checked it was 20horde to 1 alliance, or did all the horde transfer to another server? cause there still isn't a lot of alliance
Illidan. Allies don't even stand a chance on that server.
Illidan is 100:1 (Horde:Alliance)!
Illidan. Allies don't even stand a chance on that server.

Some guy on Twitch has a 15man multibox team that's on illidan alliance. Good fun to watch him go around ganking horde.
Or Mal'Ganis (PvP)

0.051 to Horde's advantage, clocking in at 6,944 Alliance-side and 136,768 Horde-side.
im guessing this isnt accurate anymore in im illdian and malganis and they have some of the !@#$ties on horde side, alliance dominates our battle realm for sure
From levelling my Dranei Shaman on Barth when WoD was released, 10/10 can confirm it's horde dominated as !@#$.
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This means nothing, it only records the toons and their factions, there is no reporting on active toons and the active ratios for the realms.

Gundrak and Jubei were merged because their populations would be balanced, what Blizzard failed to take into account was that the alliance horde ratio of active toons on Gundrak was 1:1, yet on Jubei the active horde toons outnumber the alliance toons very heavily, so heavily that when merged with Gundrak the active horde toons still outnumber the active alliance toons by about 5 to 1
This thread was started in 2012 and the last reply was 2 months ago. I'm fairly sure all these people have moved on. Let the thread die, buddy.
I actually play Alliance on Thaurissan for the sole purpose of PvP.

Otherwise, all my non-PvP toons are on the Horde.

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