[A] Calling All Alliance: oQueue

We need more Alliance to start downloading and installing oQueue addon!

It's an in-game network that will allow you to find others for RBGs and premades using Battletags/RealID. It used to be able to queue everyone, but now I think it is just a premade finder.

Horde usually have 9-10 groups listed even late at night. Ally have 1-3. So download it, install it and expand the network!
Alliance be getting worked.
Had 7 premades going in the Ally oQ lobby today at 330pm PST!
Should reinstall this. It's a good addon and Pwny is fun to play with (wink) and play along side.
Thanks Contre!

Had some good oQueue premades today.

It's especially good for finding BG groups or leveling. And it isn't just for PVP! Use it to form dungeon or scenario groups too!
I heard $%&*&(&$#5$#&*&)*(()(&^$%% Blizzard broke all the premade addons? I've been to busy to investigate but I know who to ask, say it ain't so?
They broke all the preform addons for groups over 5. You can still use oQueue for RBGs and stuff (although for me the friend requests are hella broken)
choplicker#1955.. add me
you can get this add-on at curseforge.com

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