Warrior duels Video :)!

Hey guys if u are bored and have nothing to do! check out our video, just thought me and my irl twin brother should make a video for u Guys out their to watch and enjoy! hopefully :)

This is not to show skill but for pure entertainment!
hope u guys like it

YOUTUBE CHANNEL/VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/user/TwinzEntertainment

I would have named it "Amazing Second Wind Hasn't Been Nerfed Yet" myself. But yours works too.
Yeah your not wrong but, if u think about it, without second wind i would not have won any of those duels :)
But yeah warriors without second wind would leave warriors in the least played class in wow imo
If you take out second wind there would be a lot of other classes played less. Warriors will always be one of the most popular classes because you get to see those big numbers!
I dont see how that would work
But warriors are fun :)
Music: Awful

Gameplay: Mediocre to bad
yeah haha shammys guild aint bad :)

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