(H) Forbidden Legion G3 LF 1 Melee/OT

Group 3 currently has a opening for 1 Melee dps with a Tank off spec preferably a Plate wearer as we have no dps plate wearers in the group. :)

Raid Days - Monday , Tues , Thurs 8pm - 10:30 Eastern
Loot - Free Roll MS / OS

Expect a casual raiding atmosphere as we push progression but work with each other. Flasks are provided and we use vent.
Our current progression is 4/6 MV as this group just started 2 weeks ago and we have had some off tank issues. We are looking to wrap up MV this coming week and start in HoF next.

Anyone interested please pst Mcluvan or Killamajig ingame in the evening. Thanks
bump for OT/melee

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