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Moon Guard
Posted to the bulletin boards and sent to those who still call themselves sunwalkers of Thunder Bluff is a parchment, or animal skin, with the following written upon it:

Brothers and sisters under the gaze of An'she. It has been some time since the sunwalkers were thrust from the veil of prejudice and into the light of truth. We have grown strong and traveled wide, but we have spread thin.

We are a new branch upon the tree of our people. We have little to call our own, and much that takes us away from what we really are. If we are to be the light that guides our people forward into greater harmony with the Earth Mother, we must do so as one. We must not falter in our chance to lead our people. Our identity, as sunwalkers, is in great peril while we remain so sparse.

Many of us trained together, and further still many of us have fought beside one another since then. I now propose we come together, once more, to share what we have learned. Not just about where we have gone, or what we have seen, but about ourselves as sunwalkers. We Shu'halo carry a proud tradition of passing down our knowledge to one another, and it is what has made us strong. I ask you now to not let that strength die away.

Within three weeks, before we leave our home from Winter's Veil and spread to the winds once more, a gathering will be held within the city of Thunder Bluff. On the afternoon of the twenty-ninth of this month I invite all sunwalkers to attend, speak, eat, drink, and share in each other what we have been missing for a long time. And, in true Shu'halo tradition, any and all allies to the Shu'halo and the sunwalkers are welcome to attend and observe. If there is insight to be shared, it is asked that it be spoken of beforehand. Sunwalker Naralae will take all questions, concerns, and any further ideas and can be contacted in any way seen fit.

Sun shine upon you and guide you.
OOC Stuff:

Original discussion:

I know this event was proposed in September, but I postponed it so we could MoP it up. Then thanksgiving rolled through. The 29th seems like a good middle ground between the holidays and New Years and everyone traveling between. It will happen around 3PM server time, Moon Guard.

Any pre-rp before the event starts in TB is encouraged. It will start with speakers. Those who want to say a few words can speak to anything they feel is pertinent to the sunwalkers, it will all be open to questions. Sunwalker speakers will go first and any non-sunwalker shu'halo afterwards followed by any non-shu'halo that have something to say. I do ask that your character, if falling into the last two categories, speak with Naralae, or Moloak, beforehand ICly.

After the discussions at the start there can be time slotted for any number of things: perhaps a sharing of technique amongst the healers and more combat oriented sunwalkers, a hunt, stories, etc. Any ideas on what people prefer would be greatly appreciated. I did plan on having a good ol' "Back in the day" nostalgia sparring between the sunwalkers. I figured they used to do that during their training. Could entirely make it a sort of competition.

Since the entire premise of this event is to create the identity of the sunwalkers and to build connections between sunwalker rpers (And all other tauren rpers and tauren enthusiasts), it will be highly encouraged that the participants keep in contact with one another ICly. Whether this be by someone looking for a teacher and another looking for a pupil, or partners on a plot-line you want to carry out it is entirely open! The sky is the limit.

This is participation driven. The more who show up and add to the experience the better! Please help spread the word and give input! If I have missed anything, let me know and I will add it.

Link to this thread: http://tinyurl.com/b4eqfnx

WIP Sunwalker Lore thread (By Moloak): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7350635314

TL;DR: We're walkin' on sunshine! Whoa~

Very much looking forward to this event and the RPs surrounding it. I'll try to be available more often.
Bumping for awesome!
I have a Sunwalker character that I just moved over from Alliance.

Definitely interested in this.

Everyone knows you aren't REAL paladins.

<Sneaks in to watch, since she is curious and doesn't want to die>

Everyone knows you aren't REAL paladins.


That's the point.

Everyone knows you aren't REAL paladins.


That's the point.
I like Taurens.

I like Taurens.


And I like Blood Elfs.

Blood Elfs.
Moorning bump.
We should include some Sun Dancing in this!

Added it to the lore post and made a couple changes to address Tauren specifically. Seems like a perfect addition for Sunwalkers and Seers alike.
Sun Dancing.


Though ICly might be difficult to get Sera to participate. >___>
Totally going to be there! :)
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