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Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
Over the course of the last week, fansites across North America and Europe were given an opportunity to chat with World of Warcraft leading developers and ask questions about Mists of Pandaria, hot topics in the community, current design philosophies, the future of the game, and a lot more. Listen up, read along, and tune in!

The below interviews shed light on the design philosophies of endgame progression/reward structure, dungeons/raids/scenarios, world bosses, Challenge dungeons, reputations, daily quests, the Brawler's Guild, zone/quest story, cross-realm zones, content release frequency, and other subjects of frequent player discussions.

Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer

  • Convert to Raid - Podcast interview focused on Mists endgame and dungeons.
  • Method News - Interview transcript by raiding extraordinaire Rogerbrown about endgame progression and Patch 5.1.

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, Lead Systems Designer

  • All Things Azeroth - Podcast interview by Medros, Rho (Realm Maintenance Podcast), and Nananea covering Mists endgame and systems.
  • Legendary on Gamebreaker.tv - Video interview by Gary Gannon, Josh Allen (TankSpot), and Olivia Grace (WoW Insider) covering Mists endgame and systems.
  • Wowjuju - Transcript covering Mists endgame and systems.

Dave "Fargo" Kosak, Lead Quest Designer

  • Darkmoon Herald - Podcast interview on Mists endgame and story.
  • Wowhead - Transcript by Perculia covering Mists endgame and story.

Cory "Mumper" Stockton, Lead Content Designer, and Dave Kosak

  • WoW Insider - Transcript by Anne Stickney; combined interview about Mists endgame content and story.

Be sure to check out more developer interviews for information on additional topics.
MMO-C is good at bullet pointing everything, but I went ahead and read the full Method interview. It's an especially good read and I recommend others check it out. Since they're a raid guild, they were knowledgeable and directly to the point on their questions. Couple notes:

- Blizzard wants T15 normal gear to feel like an upgrade even if you raid hard modes, but they're not sure how to go about it because of it might be higher item level with the VP system. They don't want to devalue the effort put into upgrading your T14 gear with VP either if they inflate item levels too much.

- Asia was touched upon, and their item levels were clarified. Blizzard said its the Wrath model essentially, but Method didn't ask if there's plans to bring it here in the future.

- Blizzard intends for no outside help with the Brawler Guild. I should personally note this isn't the case with buff raids right now. More bosses are possible in the future.

I was hoping we would have gotten a question about how many world bosses we'll see in T15, and if Sha of Anger and Galleon will get either of their loot tables updated. Will we get another BH-like boss and another 'rare' boss? Will the rare boss allow a 'quest-mob'-like tag or will it continue to be about tag sharing?

Thanks for the compilation.
bring back the old training ranks like frost bolt rank 3 and heroic strike rank 2 and so on. this can be an upgrade for pvp to even it out all levels. same with raids with the low ranks, 60-90 can reduce their damage and heals to the content level also 85s can group up and do the same content damage as level 60 and so on.
Please put in an option to choose which spec of loot you want in LFR ! I would love to heal them but i want dps gear. I would rather help heal with good gear then do very little dps with dps gear just because i want dps loot. Please make an option where healers can choose dps loot
Really curious why there aren't a ton of posts here...This seems like an important post.
I have a real problem with no more 5-mans. Dungeon content is fun, and the ones we have are getting old. LFR is simply not the right way to do catch up, as you can't run it repeatedly and it takes a long time each run.
I agree with Ankoku, 5 Mans are alot of fun for me and LFR drop rates for loot make it hard to catch your toon up to date. 5 Man instances are a great way to tell the story of the expansion and the patch and get casual players up to or close to speed on gear. In my opinion, 5.3 should be an instance patch with 3-5 new heroics.
I'm fine with no more dungeons, unless they are as difficult and lengthy as the Zul's from Cata.

When doing them after raid, I've literally started to fall asleep healing heroics. They are so mind-numbingly boring this round that if this is how they're going forward with 5-man content, I'm content not to see anymore of it.
**The discontinuation of 5 man dungeons heralds the end of the tanking role in this game.**

OK so I still get to tank in raids at my gear level once per week. Great. What else?

1. No role in PvP, other than possibly RBGs.
2. Its more efficient to quest as a DPS spec, so I won't be doing your dailies as a tank. Plus, the reward of tanking is keeping things off OTHER people, not just killing things myself.
3. Scenarios don't require a tank. Some of the more difficult ones may benefit from a healer.

So ask yourself this. Why would I bother to gather tank gear instead of DPS gear? So I can tank a couple of dumb LFRs once per week? And possibly have a wait time greater than that of a DPS or healer? Forget it.

I know Blizz won't read this, but who cares.

I've been playing this game since the Vanilla stress test. And believe me, if you completely eliminate 5 man dungeons and the tanking role, I will leave this game for good. You can count on it.
For a while now Blizzard has waved the white flag on delivering difficulty for dungeons and raids. Typically Blizzard gives no ground for even the most trivial of grievances by players. Yet blues have gone to great lengths in bending over backwards saying they can't provide difficult encounters any more. What?!

Excuse me?

I would like a response from Blizzard acknowledging that the world first race in defeating bosses is a thing of matter. Either the race matters or it does not. Somewhere in Northrend is this giant hole that is called the Engine of Life or something. For this game, that engine would be raiding. From which all things are derived. Pet battles for example owe their existence to raiders who to try to tackle raids zones for 8 years now.

So with that all being said who gave Blizzard the permission to give up on raiding difficulty for everybody? That developers couldn't challenge top 100, 25, 10 guilds any more? It wasn't me, it wasn't anybody in these top guilds that I know of. Blizzard, you don't get to give up on the most important aspect of this game.

This brings me back to the world first race. I'm going to assume a raids longevity does matter to you Blizzard. Why else would you institute things like gates, pull counts, bannings, and suspensions? Don't tell me its just because you want people to look at the stuff on the walls...

The race matters, because raiding matters and therefore WoW matters because of this endgame. So why don't you protect that endgame Blizzard? Why is it allowed to be chewed up by aderall popping, caffeine juicing, 7 alt rotating, 500 pulls a day top 100 guilds?

Blizzard I've think you sold yourself short. The difficulty has always been there, you've just failed to protect it. Why isn't there a pull count on every heroic boss? Why isn't there a deflationary force on item levels for the first couple weeks of a zone? If raids are as half as important that I think they are to this game why not regulate the race, embrace the race full bore?

The tech is all there now. You've made it over the years, implement it, rank it, legitimize raiding once and for all. I have a feeling if raiding had a element of "fair chase" you would find a upheaval in top raiding guilds who you feel as of now, you can't challenge...
I could not agree more, Tanking 5 mans is the funnest part of the game for me. I would imagine blizzard would think that since not as many players tank as they do dps, this would make them more money to cater to dps rather than tanks. What we will end up with is boring scenarios where dps run around shooting up stuff. There will be no organization to the game. Eventually even for the dps, the game will be no fun. Thanks blizzard for catering to the lowest common denominator like everything else in the world today. You have even managed to ruin the old dungeons by nerfing them too much. Now the dps can run around and pull everything in the dungeon and not die.
Now the dps can run around and pull everything in the dungeon and not die.

This bothers me too.
You have even managed to ruin the old dungeons by nerfing them too much. Now the dps can run around and pull everything in the dungeon and not die.

awkwardly a non BOA geared healer can actually keep the group alive if pulls are done wrong in the old dungeons when leveling....its gone past the point of being too easy...I honestly miss the days of TBC where as a healer I would actually have to help CC things in H-Slabs because tanks just took that much of a dam beating for just 1-2 mobs let alone the rest of the pack of 3-6!
I was wondering why when I'm on my healer that I spent and Hour and a half Queing for the Lei Shen LFR and in that time going to the last boss over over and over again never seeing the first two bosses of that LFR. Then when I do Leave a Qued group due too already doing the boss two times I get dungeon deserter and it's not fair to me...and those with me. I was wanting to know how in God's Name Can I actually Que for the fist two bosses in a timely manor and enjoy my game play?

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