Bombs away.... feat TCT


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The last 15 seconds of your life are the most exciting!
Dear Uhew,

I am writing you from the depths of a university computer lab. As you have probably noticed I have already had to delete one post and then go back and edit this one. This is due to the fact that at the moment, it is nearing 1 am my time and the only lab open is filled with bloody macintosh computers. Using this abomination of a contraption is both foreign and grotesque to me. Therefore, it is causing me to accidentally submit my posts when I did not intend to. I digress...
I have barely slept this weekend in anticipation of finals and other work I have due. I chose to spend tonight at school to be more productive. I awarded myself a short break to refresh my brain from working on a paper and this video of our earlier shenanigans was much needed. Thank you for posting.

Your Friend,
Klarity <3
^ Still posting on lvl 1's are we.

So sad.

Edit: Hi Klarity,.. GL this week :)
download doesnt work

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