[H] LFM 2k+ xrealm RBGs Sun 12/9 @ 8p PST

LFM cross realm Rated Battlegrounds Sun 12/9 @ 8p PST, going for 2k+ MMR (1970 min CR required), will be using Skype.

2 heals (resto Druid + resto Sham) + my rDruid (1973 cr 14/15 pc malev gear)
1 flag carrier (prot war) and
6 dps (frost dk / arms war / 2x Warlock* / 2x Mage*)

* prefer to round the dps out with double lock double mage but would consider any adequately geared/rated rogue, hunter, else sham, boomkin or spriest.

Everyone needs to have "battleground targets" and "healers have to die" add-ons installed, know how to create /assist macros (and/or focus dps swaps on called targets) and be able to CC at the same time.

I would love to turn this into a recurring 2-2.2k+ group of consistent players and will be very selective when looking at gear/CR in terms of inviting. Bonus points if you can play every week at this time and form a cohesive team.

Please reply here or add teo#1220 if you are interested, will edit accordingly as spaces fill up.

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