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Earthen Ring
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Who we are:
WelfareLine is a community of players who want to push hard but with a relaxed schedule. We rely on talent to clear content rather than simply number of pulls.

Our focus is to push the newest content as quickly as we can with our light raid schedule. We realize that real-life comes first but we feel that we can maintain solid progression with a skilled core.

We enjoy pushing challenge modes gold runs. We had several players with multiple realm best runs and participated in selling runs.

Legacy content for mounts, pets, and achievements are also popular. Overall despite varying interests, we strive to enjoy all of it to include everyone and maintain guild unity.

Tier 13-5/8H (Formed mid-tier)
Tier 14-4/16H
Tier 15-8/13H
Tier 16-11/14H
Tier 17- Come be a part of the action!

-Our Logs:

Raid Times:
(Raid times currently under consideration)
Our current raid schedule is 8:00PM-11:00PM Fri and on Sun from 8:00PM-11:00PM. This is 6 hours total! We have occasionally thrown in an optional Saturday to push in the early part of a tier but no more than an additional 2 hours.

Recruitment Information:
--Recruitment is currently OPEN. If you feel that you are an exceptional player, we encourage you to apply.

We are looking to grow our roster in preparation for Mythic Raiding. If you are interested in raiding with us then please feel free to apply.

-Because we prioritize alts and recognize their use potential to progression, alts that are appropriately geared and that are played skillfully may be brought for farm content.

-We do allow a friend rank and these people may be considered for raids and are always welcome to join in on off night stuff or just hang out with friends.

Contact Information
For more information contact an officer; ikon [ikon#1860], or Necro [necroness#1497] in game; or by PM on our forums.

Our website is: welfareline.freeforums.org/
Bump for a cool dude trying to get some real work done on ER. :D
are you calling our work fake ?
12/10/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Rezi
are you calling our work fake ?

Not fake, just alot of witchcraft.

But seriously, I'm not even on this server...yet.

ps. Ikon, cross server heroics tonight? I'd like to run a few and get to know you guys as well.
Had to log early tonight, Ill catch you tomorrow if you are around.
Updated to reflect current needs.
Updated: Looking to replace a tank.
12/08/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Whosikon
Our leaders have a strong raid background through all content in each expansion back to vanilla.

Looks False.
01/23/2013 12:12 PMPosted by Bearded
Our leaders have a strong raid background through all content in each expansion back to vanilla.

Looks False.

Troll harder

Edit: lolol Rezi! How sad is it that you still troll here? Still trying to be the cool kids on ER.
Updated: Currently running 10 but would like ~1 more for comfort.
Need a hunter?
Need a hunter?

-Other classes/specs will be considered based on skill and experience
Bump- We will be taking this week off from raiding due to irl but still possibly looking for one strong player.
lol ikon must've reported Dordrey's post. It was funny, why report it :(
I am not gonna troll-war our recruitment thread.
bump for a good guild.
I have decided to play nice since my good pal Gonturan is gracing you with his presence.
Bump for kills/roster consistency

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