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Earthen Ring
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If you do happen to be looking for a back up raider position for heals and dps i have a few characters in the 495-500 range with skills/knowledge to match. I'm not looking for a core spot nor do i wish to be "hardcore" meaning if i can go (life/work schedule allowing) and you need someone then great i'll hop on a character and run with ya. I have no problem sitting out if it means that other people get a chance at running. I'll just work on alts or find something else to do.
You would be welcome to join as a casual rank(non-main raider). We might not need you that often though in a backup capacity, especially considering your availability may not line up with the times we do need a backup. Thus, you may find better luck and more raid time with some of the other teams you posted to.
well my work schedule has improved and am now working all night shifts again. If you'll still have me (and my MANY alts) then I'll log in and contact ya in the next few days. I have a Warlock, Monk, and Shaman ready for ToT and a priest who is just a few pieces short of ready.
Talk with me in game.
Gonturan = pro
Gonturan = pro

Thanks but you just crushed me at Nalak. And probably would have even if I wasn't multiboxing.
Oh, and we're still looking for anyone good in pretty much any role. And it's 6 hours a week, so come on. :P
Would you guys perhaps have a need of a Fury Warrior?
We currently have 2 melee and a lot on our prot token making this less than ideal. Furthermore you have extremely limited ToT experience and heroic raid experience in general. It would probably not be a good fit and I would hate to make you spend good money to come find out.
The biggest obstacle I'm having as far as raid-experience goes ties in with what you've mentioned about the Prot token, or just too many melee in the mix, as things go. Seems to be a recurring theme wherever I ask or go, but I very greatly appreciate the response. :)
Best of luck to you and thanks for your consideration and understanding.
Bump for needs
I have a mage 490 go?
Updated to reflect needs:

We are currently seeking strong rDPS. Any class will do so long as the applicant is exceptional. We are also considering extremely strong healing candidates as well. Preferably a resto druid; however, any class will be considered.
06/19/2013 06:17 AMPosted by Whosikon
We are currently seeking strong rDPS.

aka a mage
06/20/2013 02:10 PMPosted by Gurio
We are currently seeking strong rDPS.

aka a mage

This guy gets it :P
Bump for Heroics and limited recruitment.
I have a mage 490 go?

Gear your mage already, with Timeless Isle candy.

Other than that, we are running with a very short roster and it's a great opportunity to raid with a 1/14 Heroic group on 6-8 hours/week (we occasionally do an optional 2-hour Saturday).
Bring that leet shpriest!

Either way, WelfareLine is in heroic SoO and is looking for an exceptional rDPS and healer. We are also considering a strong dps war(preferably with the ability to tank)
We have filled our gaps. Recruitment is closed but exceptional applicants will be considered.

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