DBA recruiting for raids and such

Death by Association (level 25): is a small casual guild that is made up of mature, laid back, social and friendly players. Our players enjoy multiple aspects of the game such as pvp, raiding, questing, alt leveling, old content… etc. We are now looking to add more like minded mature (25 years of age +) individuals to boost our playing atmosphere and help move us into future events such as raiding, guild pvp, or just to socialize with. We always accept active and casual players of all levels.

Starting a little late, we know, meh.....

Raid Content: Starting at MV and working our way up.
Raid Nights: Wednesday and Thursday
Raid Times: 2:30am server time
Min ilvl: @470

Current requirements:

1 Tank:
Non Warrior and potentially non druid: only reason I say this is because there is already a feral and resto druid in raid and could potentially have a boomkin as well, holy druid overload……

2 Healers:
Non Druid, prefer one heals to be a holy pally for mastery buff.

2 Range DPS:
Prefer one DPS to be a lock (for stones, SS, etc) and the other to be a Spriest or Ele Shammy will take a Boomkin if we have too, for the crucial 5% haste buff.

Want to also start up rbgs once we get enough geared players to do so.

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