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So my friend and I have been trying to gear up, but she's kind of lazy and neither of us have bothered to create a list of possible upgrades to help us decide how to most efficiently use our charms of good fortune. I could do that, but I'm very familiar and comfortable with the use of addons, and having one for this purpose would do exactly what addons are meant to: make our lives easier. Right now we're just opening the journal after each fight, but sometimes my UI glitches and I have to reload, missing the charm timer.

What I'm looking for specifically is an addon that would tell me, after a boss kill, whether there are any spec-appropriate upgrades to my currently equipped gear and what they are. Basically it would pop up the same list of loot the dungeon journal does when you filter it to your spec, minus any items that are a lower ilvl than what's equipped in that slot. We can figure out for ourselves whether it's appropriate to use a charm. Bonus points if I can open some kind of window, select a slot, and see EVERY PvE item that is a greater or equal ilvl as the equipped item, so I can find upgrades for my weakest items first and see which raids I'll find them in.

Does any addon like this exist? If not, would anyone be willing to help write it?

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