BUG Klaxxi Iyyokuk the Lucid

Bug Report
Apparently this is a known bug but how can i get an eta on how long it will be until i can complete the quest?
The problem is missing releasing Iyyokuk the Lucid, you are then allowed to complete further quests and the quest giver disappears. I have then gone to the trouble to farm rep for the Klaxxi to exalted so I can receive a 487 Item level ring. With out releasing Iyyokuk you can not receive the ring so it was a huge waste of time. To complete the quest should only take 5 minutes so I can continue if the quest giver was available to me. I have opened support tickets and been told just to wait which has been a fortnight now, but given the circumstance wouldn't it be possible to just tick of releasing Iyyokuk for people who have the missions bugged like this?
An ETA or further information would be appreciated,
I also cannot complete the quest line with Klaxxi and am already exalted.

I released Iyyokuk already.

Character: Azmurok
Class: Warlock
Server: Killrogg

Please reset the quest for me and I will do again.

There are no GMs on these forums, Palamedic, so they cannot fix individual issues for players, let alone do what you are asking for. You might have a little luck with a GM ticket, but usually with issues like these, they prefer to push a fix to all players, rather than having individual GMs fix every single player's quest.
I have the same problem. I am exalted. i really need ring :P. So where i can go for help?

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