Healing Surge / Wave / Cleanse Macro modifier

UI and Macro
/cast [@player,exists] Healing Surge; [mod:shift,target=player] Healing Wave;[mod:ctrl,target=player] Cleanse Spirit;

Hi, the above macro is what I'm trying to get to work.. but for some reason the modifiers don't seem to be working.. Any idea as to why it doesn't?

I have it bound to 0 and when I press 0 it casts HS but when I press shift 0 or ctrl 0, the HW and CS don't work.. I don't have anything else bound to shft 0 or ctrl 0 so I'm assuming it's something thats wrong with my syntax.. any idea why?
The idea is to use this as party1-2-3 and arena1-2-3 for 3s.. So the targets working is very important..
The macro will perform the first condition that is true. [@player,exists] is always true and that's the first part of your macro so it will always cast Healing Surge on you, ignoring the rest of the macro.

target=player is the same thing as @player

If you're trying to target party or arena members by their number, then you'd never use target=player.

Here's the corrected syntax of the macro you provided.
/cast [mod:shift,@player] Healing Wave;[mod:ctrl,@player] Cleanse Spirit; [@player] Healing Surge

If you want to make make a macro to cast these spells at your arena team then you should take a different approach. Each button should have a single spell and the modifiers determine who is targeted.

/cast [mod:shift,@party3] [mod:ctrl,@party2] [@party1] Healing Wave

/cast [mod:shift,@party3] [mod:ctrl,@party2] [@party1] Cleanse Spirit

/cast [mod:shift,@party3] [mod:ctrl,@party2] [@party1] Healing Surge

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