Thinking about ditching mining

im 600 jc/min and im thinking of ditching mining and PL either tailoring or BS which would be better probably for me
Alchemy and enchanting have the best synergy with JC if you want to sell your goods. Blacksmithing if you PVP. I like having a tailor but, while she can double or triple my investment in netherweave, she's not making me rich. I use inscription and jc for that.
It's a good think you're ditching mining; ore prices are incredibly low and I can't imagine making much gold from farming. I don't think JC goes with tailoring or bs but I could be wrong. The only reason you would want JC and Alch is because of transmutes but they typically sell for around half their mat cost on my server, all thanks to the lovely golden lotus. Unless you farm spirit of harmony for Riddle of Steel, I don't see it as being worth it. It depends on what you want. Do you want to make gold, cool stuff, or just want the profession bonuses?
I sell primal diamonds. Lots and lots of primal diamonds. I do so at a profit on every single one. I'm pretty good at basic math and I make sure that selling price - materials gives me more gold than when I started, not less.

The transmute procs are a nice bonus but JC would still be lucrative without it. Alchemy simply saves me a great deal of gold with trillium transmutes, living steel transmutes (two x2 procs in the last three days) and double duration flasks. It's excellent synergy but then so is enchanting.

The angst lies in the fact that is just isn't as good as it was during Cataclysm.
You have a mining alt? If you don't, keep mining. You can't always rely on AH prices on ore being low. But otherwise Blacksmithing is good.
12/10/2012 03:36 AMPosted by Greer
You have a mining alt? If you don't, keep mining. You can't always rely on AH prices on ore being low. But otherwise Blacksmithing is good.

If he can't buy the ore off of the AH and turn a profit, he should be selling the ore he minds, not crafting.
Absolutely, ditch the gathering profession.

The reason is simple: Motes, not mats, are your limiting reagent in crafting anything.

You cannot get more motes by gathering. This means gatherers are forced to sell their materials super-cheap, because there are so many materials and so few motes (not implying you can sell motes, just that motes are rare and if you're a gatherer you'll have more materials than you know what to do with and you'll be limited by motes alone).

QED: You should not gather.

I ditched skinning when I put this together, and even though the crafting profession I picked up isn't maxed yet, I couldn't be happier. I filled my own bank, and my guild bank, and I got to the point of actually vending my leather.
If you are looking for gold, I would suggest enchanting with jewelcrafting. If you are looking for the best profession perk, consider BS for the additional secondary stats.

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