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Whatever suits the situation.

Also love being banned for obscene language. I sowwy :(
All right. I'll be calling you Lorthuron from now on regardless of your character.
Morning all.

Spending a week (or more) in my hometown after the drama that went on last week.
Wow the lounge is dead when I go out...

I had the most satisfying burger last night. Omg.
Speak of the devil....and he shall appear.

And yeah Dragon you can get suspended for illegal activities done out of school. Imagine that.

Today none of those kids were at school. I lol'd.

Wait, what did I miss?

I polymorphed a Shieldwall Huntress. It just turned her into a pig, and not her mount. I am now the proud owner of a screenshot containing a pig riding a nightsaber.
Some people in my class put up their party photos of them with all beers. Only guys at the party, imagine that.
1) Busch is the !@#$tiest beer ever. Nice taste.
2) Good job posting those on Facebook.
3) Enjoy the suspension.

Needless to say, I shall enjoy tomorrow immensely.

Oh, lol.
Gotta love schools these days. Glad I'm over those years.
12/10/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Valius
Speak of the devil....and he shall appear.

I hate that Helm.

So I might actually be quitting my job soon.

My manager is threatening to quit if our Regional doesn't fire one of the employees and I won't work there without her being manager.

And I have to get my car inspected, renew the tags and my dad thinks my water pump is leaking or is broken.

So it looks like I'm chucked.
Here's a blue doing a Gene Wilder impression:
Here's a blue doing a Gene Wilder impression:

I hate that guy.

Hes the reason why I don't like the original Willy Wonka movie.
12/10/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Rufyn
Got a date to come with me to The Hobbit. Kewl.

Does she know anything about the movies?

I always laugh at people who invite a person who knows nothing about the movie and don't appreciate it, or are completely clueless to whats going on.
I'll be xferring to your server Lorelai, because of this:

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