Rank 8 Brawlers

Any other rank 8 Brawler's managed to kill the rare brawl bosses yet?

They are pretty gear/rng dependent for the most part and Zen'shar seems to be one of the easiest to take down.


Disruptron can kiss my !@#.
I got mine when i swapped out a talent, try that.
The way you have to get the title is pretty bad design. Hopefully they fix it for you soon.
Killed Zenshar 2nd day. Title got taken on restart. sadface
i've already finished the brawlers guild; objectively ofcourse.

Zen'shar definitely the easiest of the four
Link didn't work :(

Grats tho!
Link didn't work :(

Grats tho!

You probably copied the /flex as well
Link didn't work :(

Grats tho!

You probably copied the /flex as well

I've done Milhouse and Zenshar, got the title off the first (milhouse) but lost it too :(

It's so hard to get good attempts because there's always a buff missing down there, had a crushing 85k wipe on epicus though, I want my title back ^^

Epicus Maximus has a very tight enrage and is a gear check (495+). However, it is achievable at a lower ilvl if you're playing an affliction warlock or a class with Time warp / Heroism.
Zen' shar is relatively easy if you can dodge lasers :P
Milhouse Manastorm is so RNG dependant its annoying. Unless you get both crystals for the first 2 sets in a position where you can interrupt both beams you're going to find it hard to beat the enrage.
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Disruptron can kiss my !@#.

This is all from a frost Dk POV btw.

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