480 Frost DK LF Weekend raiding guild

As the title says I'm a 480 frost dk LF a raiding guild that raids on the weekends. I'm currently horde and on Bloodscalp and willing to pay to xfer my toon if i can find the right home. I do also have a 464 tank spec but i don't tank that often to gear it up.

I can either go Horde on Stormrage or even Alliance i don't mind.

EDIT: Updated my tank spec ilvl!
if you'd be interested in tanking ms and going dps for 1 tank fights we could use you in our 10m. We're in need for 2 tanks at the moment. we are 6/6msv 3/6hof currently due to busy IRL lives / attendance. We are just needing reliable tanks and we'll be good to go to start heroic mode in MSV.

Here is our currently rotating recruitment forum post if you wanna take a peek: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2674532555

Our raid group is mostly casual progression, enjoy fun times in vent and everyone researches fights and how to maximize dps for each encounter. Ages range anywhere from 19 - 30 somethings. We raid Friday & Saturday 8 - midnight EST server time.

if you'd like to take a look and fill out an application our website is: www.dejaentendu.guildlaunch.com

Hope to hear from you :)
I posted an app on your website and also sent you a pm on the website. :).

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