An idea that might be op but fix ele for good

What if elementals were immune to silence and interrupts period. Really what else do we have with all the interrupts and silences all the other classes have. If we were immune to silence and interrupts maybe we would become a more unique caster. its all pretty crazy op though so maybe immunity from silence worked into our unleash elements
"might" be OP??
Not immune. However, a totem that gives us that effect with a medium length cool down 1-1.5 min and a 10-15 sec duration wouldnt be op.
So you just want a more powerful, shorter cd aura mastery?
That can be killed in one global
It will never happen. Don't worry, Enhancement is screwed too. You go up against anything with an easy silence (Mage, Hunter, Priest, Rogue) and Enhance won't survive through the lockout. Warriors and even pummel into nothing to lockout. it's just dumb.
If you're OP you're not fixed.
Remove conductivity from talents, and let all three specs have access to Spirit Link Totem as a talent choice.

This forces resto to choose between HTT and SLT, offers a new POWERFUL defensive cooldown that Ele and Enhance can use in PvP, as well as doesn't F with pve.

Not sure how you think SLT would be a better CD for Elemental than HTT in PVP?
You can still kill anyone every 3 minutes.

There is no need for us to be fixed. The game was balanced when we were immune to silence with only totems and damage was out of control.

They felt that made an imbalance so they fixed it - creating an even bigger imbalance.

Now NO ONE can fight against the stronger DPS classes as everyone is silenced - no windwalks, no groundings, no tremors. Just silence - weeeeeeeeeee fun.

I suggest that SILENCE is REMOVED, as MANA BURN was - my justification is that part of the game is gone in the past, just like mana burn. There is no need to have Silence anymore with all the CC - REMOVE IT.

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