Crimson Steer Energy Drink Question.

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(I didn't know where to post this, so hopefully this is the right place!)

I have no idea if this is intended or not, but when I was questing in Zangarmarsh at level 60ish, I got five of the Crimson Steed Energy Drink as a quest reward that would help me out if I needed to regenerate my energy as rogues only have 100-120 to do our attacks with. I was keeping it in my bags for an emergency/just in case if I ever needed it and couldn't regenerate it fast enough.

I noticed something looked weird when I hovered over the item in my bags again and the text said that it would regenerate zero energy instead of the 50ish that the text should have said. Now, I realize that as long as I keep my haste up, I should be fine - but why did this particular item lose its' usefulness once I hit ninety?

Thanks for any help offered.
It looks like it's designed to be less useful as you level up. (Or was nerfed to do such after the original quest/item was introduced in BC.) The wowhead page for the item shows the formula for figuring out how much energy it gives back. It looks like that formula would result in it giving no energy at level 90.

The formula appears to be the same as the one for Thistle Tea:
Yep, these are added more for flavor, and Blizzard nerfs them for higher levels so that raiders don't feel compelled to grind them (this doesn't really apply to Crimson Steer since it's a one-time reward, but it does apply to Thistle Tea, and they are probably essentially the same thing internally).

In this case, for instance, it seems that Thistle Tea doesn't share a cooldown with potions (no "shared cooldown" tab on wowhead), so if it restored a decent amount of energy at level 90, every raiding rogue would feel the need to get some to maximize their DPS, which would be rather absurd when you think of it: level 90s farming up a level 5 item to maximize their damage...

For similar reasons, you occasionally see old trinkets nerfed when a new expansion comes out, usually because the bonus they provide would be so powerful that they would be competitive even with max-level gear in the new expansion.
Oh, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you both for answering my question and being so helpful. ^^

Though, I do feel a little silly for asking now that you two explained what would happen if I consumed them at level 90. Thanks again.

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