new players 4 rbgs

Are you feed up with recently dinging, or recently decided to pvp but can't get into a RBG, because you don't meet the qualifications with exp, or achieves? I am putting a RBG group together for new players to pvp, or players without experiance. Email me ingame with spec, res, pvp power (willing to help gear people out) and I will add you if their is a spot available. I plan on doing RBGS on saturday and perhaps sunday during the afternoon, 12:00-3:00pm central time.

Also, <Failed> recent formed guild looking for all types of players to help grow the guild. Once we have a full RBG group, it be nice but not required for them to be in guild. Also, love epic trollers that can piss people of in a MMO game (requires talent). If your a troll or if you want to get into pvp, our guild is open to you!!!!!!!

Obummer OUT jack!!!!! (Duck Dynasty Reference JACK) BOOYA

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