Fire vs Frost (PvP)

I've been playing Fire in PvP since the beginning of Cata because I find it fun and I feel like I do decently well with it.
My question is; Why is frost considered to be so much better than Fire in PvP?

As far as CC goes, frost has a permanent slow via frostbolt as well as an extra Nova while Fire has the benefit of Dragon's Breath CC and running scorch instead of slowing (or using FFB glyph instead of using Fireball). Other than that, I feel they're almost the same.
I would say fire was nearly as good as frost in cata. post cata we lost cone of cold snare which hurts us tremendously as it is harder to shatter. Deep freeze is a nice addition but sometimes I have literally nothing to let me use it because I had to use frost nova on something else. Ice lance and frost bomb hit outrageously hard right now though which makes frost better in pvp atm.
Really just comes down to Frost Bomb.

Fire has no FoF procs and Pet Nova so you have fewer opportunities to Shatter Frost Bomb on someone. All of your other potential methods of freezing someone in order to Shatter Bomb them are either baseline (Frost Nova) or talents/glyphs so Frost can use those too. Bottomline is that Frost has more ways to set someone up the for the Bomb, which is practice means they have much more consistent burst damage.
Is fire considered useable in arenas? I'd much rather play fire than frost but if it can't be done, I won't bother.
fire is broke now, they nerfed it to the ground. however they didint nerf frost because its not used it PvE. you see? lol they only pay attention to PvP not PvE
they did nerf fire pvp a lot last week, before it was alright. I take glyph of Ice block, and frost ward to add to my freezes. Works out really well actually.

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