<At All Costs> hosting GDKP Sunday!

<At All Costs> will be hosting a GDKP raid on Sunday, Dec 9 at 7 p.m. server!

For those who do not know, GDKP is a raid style where all raid drops - BoE patterns, gear, etc - are auctioned off to the raiders present. All gold is kept in a "pot" held by the master looter. At the end of the raid, the pot is split evenly among the entire raid. This has several functions:

1. Alts who have access to large sums of gold can redistribute their wealth in exchange for gearing up quickly.
2. Mains needing one or two pieces of gear but haven't gotten a drop yet are more likely to see it in 25-man content, and increase their chances by having more gold.
3. Mains who are raiding other raids and have the experience necessary to carry people through raids can earn significant profit by the end of the raid.

For this raid, we have set a few ground rules to ensure everyone in attendance is aware of their duties and responsibilities:

1. Carriers - people planning on bidding on no gear - will be required to have a minimum ilvl of 490 and have full-cleared MSV normal.

2. Everyone else will be required to show at least 10k gold in trade before receiving an invite. Anyone under 450 ilvl will be required to show at least 50k in gold.

3. People who come in as buyers and do not bid on items that are clear and significant upgrades (replacing a blue or green, for example) will be removed from the raid and forfeit their share of the pot.

4. You are not officially "in" the GDKP run unless you receive and accept the calendar invite.

5. One warning will be given if you do anything to slow the raid down. This includes, but is not limited to: arguing with the raid leader, pulling prematurely, wiping the raid due to mechanics, dying consistently or going afk without warning. After your second offense, you will be removed from the raid and forfeit your share of the pot.

6. Backups will be assigned in the event people are removed from the raid. Backups may be individuals who do not meet one of the above criteria, but are included at the raid leader's discretion. The rules for conduct remain in effect.

We will be needing all roles at all levels. If you are interested in the run, please leave a message here or message Vitasia in-game.

Also, the run will be streamed on our website: www.aacguild.com. Even if you don't get in the run, join us for some laughs!
only issues i see are that the amounts of gold your expecting of ppl is a bit low? pieces of gear in GDKP DS would go 10-50k higher if trinkets, i see no reason why you wouldnt make those requirements 50k and 100k instead of 10 and 50 :D otherwise glad to see a GDKP is finally starting would love to attend but i raid on sundays
We are also looking for some great players to fill some slots in our core group. If you are interested in joining you should tag along with us.

Immediate needs:
-Prot warrior
-Healer (non pally)
Yay, a GDKP! Will you be doing this weekly? There are a couple things I need, and I also have alts.
Unfortunately, this week's run will have to be delayed. We will plan on running them consistently after this week, however I have had some computer issues pop up this weekend due to a new wireless card in my desktop.

GDKPs will resume next week!


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