Greetings, warriors. I'm relatively new to WoW and my most venture has been leveling this pally. However, I am starting to question whether the pally is the class for me. I'm not really enjoying the support aspect of the class. How are warriors compared to pallies? How hard are they compared to pallies?
Paladins and Warriors are pretty equal. I have a paladin but never really did much with him after I leveled him to 85 last expansion. I personally think their spells and attacks are pretty cool looking and unique, compared to the animations and different attacks of Warriors. Both Protection Paladins and Protection Warriors are equal when it comes to PVE.

Their dps and tanking are equal on terms of difficulty, but I think paladins have a slight advantage over us. I don't know what else to say. I've just become used to playing a Warrior.
Thank you. I will keep that in mind. For some time now, I have been torn a warrior and a pally. 1/2 of the people I have talked to about this said warriors were harder, while the other 1/2 said pallies were harder.
One of the main differences you might consider is that, at heart, the warrior is more offensive while the paladin is more defensive. Yes, they both have abilities for offense and defense, but the focus is shifted, and being able to heal yourself has a paladin has a lot to do with that. The paladin can shift gears into war-of-attrition mode when needed, and while the warrior can go into overdrive spectacularly, our defensive abilities are fewer and less effective.

Bear in mind that this is from the perspective of someone who plays largely solo or with a few friends. If you're a raider, for example, the offense/defense shift plays a much smaller part, and may not be enough to sway you either way.
Thank you for the advice. I will ponder what you have told me. What do you mean about ret being useless dps?
Ret DPS is fine unless you are talking about bleeding edge world/server first stuff. You can do all normal and probably all heroic raid content as either an arms warrior or a ret paladin, so long as the whole raid isn't arms warriors and ret paladins.

The issue with ret isn't it's numbers, but it's playstyle. It plays closer to a rogue than a warrior, with it's dumbed down combo point system and 'slice'n'dice' buff upkeep. Some people don't mind it, but it made me quit my paladin and try a warrior in cata. After years of being able to keep a wider view over the combat because your damage abilities were very simplistic, and being able to dispel/buff allies fairly easily for the same reason, cata had you suddenly micromanaging a short duration buff, watching for multiple procs and counting combo points, and took away the important part of cleanse, the remove magic. You have to do a lot more, but the damage isn't any higher than what you had before, and it has a clunky, disjointed feel to it now.

Warrior on the other hand, plays a lot more smoothly, especially comparing ret to arms. You only have one resource to worry about, only one proc to keep an eye on, and don't have to keep a short term buff up the whole time (other than battle/commanding shout, but it's 5 minutes, not 15 seconds). Not to mention that both arms and fury are higher DPS than ret, average player versus average player.

If PvP is a concern of yours, all I can say is that PvP on both classes was bad enough in cata to make me not even bother with it this time around. Warriors are supposedly pretty good right now, but they were supposedly pretty good in the beginning of cata too, then they kept taking arrows to the knee, and eventually they just sort of lay there like a bloody porcupine. That may or may not happen again, but you should be aware.
I am quite used to the pally feel/rotation. The issue I have is that recent dungeon runs have made me start to suspect that I am a sucky pally. I wish they had more offensive ability.
Does anyone else have more advice to give? In terms of difficulty, how is each class's tank spec compared to each other? I heard that prot pally is easier than prot warrior. Is that true?

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