Daily: Through the Portal (and others?)

The task to complete this quest is simple enough; kill Mogu in Townlong Steppes and collect the arcane dust from their corpses until you have accumulated 1000. Then, return it to the quest giver and receive your 5 valor, rep, and gold.

I killed all the Mogu I needed to and, because it would be quite rare to collect exactly 1000 arcane dust when it comes in a random amount on the corpses, i ended up with 1043 total in my inventory. 950 in one stack, 93 in a second stack. I took the second stack on my cursor, clicked it onto the 950 to make it 1000, put the extra 43 back into my bag and my OCD kicked in. I decided I needed to delete the extra 43 that I did not need and were making my backpack a mess.

I picked them up, deleted them, quest removed from quest log and the stack of 1000 arcane dust are gone along with the stack of 43 I went to delete. I say the F followed by 3 other letter word out loud, get angry, and any desire to do the oh so enjoyably repetitive daily quests today left my body with that utterance.

What kind of logic is "deleting 43 must mean he is trying to tell me he wanted to waste the last 10 minutes of his time"? Only let me loot 1000 if I need 1000 or don't have the game automatically abandon the quest and delete all 1043 when I try to destroy the extra 43 I do not need to hand in to complete the quest.

thank you and god bless.
It is a bug but the way to fix it is to totally ignore the extras and you will find that when you hand it in it will all be gone.

I know the infuriation of seeing something like that happen so I learned to ignore little etras like that.

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