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So I figured I would start my own blog about my real life because you know, !@#$ just happens...


Comments? Just started and first try at it
Why'd you start a blogspot with my name in it?
I wondered when you would stop by xD, we got such close names lol
I don't go to blogs often, but you should reduce that giant block of text to small piles of readable ones.
It will be from the future, just that first post because that first paragraph of explaining myself
That was great

I'm gonna make a blog

nvm i've been trying to think of an URL for 30 mins and it's not working
Thanks, blogs are fun apparently lol
Are u ranting about me on your blog right now?
Not really, I could take you 1 on 1, lol but no sense starting a rage fight, I have camped the horde enough that its only fair the I get some camping back xD
Sure, as elemental.
meh, both ways, got you low with npcs and ur buddy gobsend, nothing special
He was just watching, but u felt so threatened by him u had to switch. Anyways, did u notice i didnt use ascendance, wolves, fire elemental totem, ancestral guidance, elemental mastery after u blew immune to get out of hex
meet me one on one, I feel it would be fun, I don't really care either way <3, ill be at the tower in 5 minutes
never come alone, I garuntee your death
no wonder u wanted to meet at ur tower: 25% buff :o
even without it, I took you out quick, but you got healed, I will meet up anywhere
!@#$ that hurts lol, good match xD how did you heal so much at the beginning there?
Good duel <3
how do you heal so much!??!!

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