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how do you heal so much!??!!
Ancestral Guidance =)
!@#$, lets go again, wanna practice, I bet there is something I can do to prevent death lol, same place xD
my computer is crashing I need to reload
Sorry dude have to go do cardio, be back in a bit
yall should add me to real ID< so little PvP on the ally side, I have to beg to get others to come and face just yalls grp, maybe something can be done, idk, its just annoying, too many tiny guilds forming on ally side, Absolution, Kinda a Big Deal, Forbidden Army, Chelupa Gaming, they are all too small, too few pvpers for too many guilds :/ Ronnie#1363
New post up!
Hands up! Leave comments on blog plz!
You should add him (or even the crew) to real ID. Hex is a real bro

And if you're just noticing him healing for so much, you're seeing a side of him he doesn't show very often. He self-heals less often than you'd think =p

Junior year is up! Its a fun one!
No thoughts or opinions from anyone at all? :(
You expected the WoW forum people to share FEELINGS? IT'S LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN HERE.
I can dream!!!!!!
Giving away free Purple Puffer Pet to a random person who puts a comment on the blog!!!!!! Random.com generator! Comment today and win!
so pretty much that special person who comments wins?
a random person <3
im apparently an invalid target to myself for bubble and LoH asheyarrows.....
Y is it so hard to get rid of free stuff?
Asheyarrrows, wazzup!

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