Not sure if trolling but that rogue didn't move till 50%
One time I ganked a Deadly Gladiator! unfortunately I didnt have fraps running =(
Vanish on top of flare, smoke bomb then immediately run away from it, then accuse hunter of using "alter time" after he 100-0s you.


did you even watch that? probably dumbest post ive ever seen
Who takes RBG players seriously?
congratulations you beat a rogue who clearly wasn't even tabbed into the game at the time you started attacking him, not to mention you counter rogues

I didn't do anything- a top hunter on Emerald Dream did.
So much fail in this thread I don't even know what to do with myself
i once autoattacked a hunter from 100 to dead who was specced for afk, and i walked away with 95% health

also these tiny keyboards are good for facerollinwaseyuxd0jkhersfd vui,jk,fd triuk.8erldsfzxuyhjredsyujegtsfrd
LOL wait, this hunter, whose class counters rogues, found it so amazing to down an afk rogue that he posted it? And cut off the part at the end where he fell to his death? LOOOOOOOOOOOL What a meat stroking baddie. I looked through a couple of his vids and I don't see ANYTHING impressive.
12/08/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Desiration
So much fail in this thread

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