WTS My name

Howdy, I just got a scroll of resurrection, only to discover I had a pretty cool name on this realm I played on years back. I've moved onto PvP since then, so if anyone wants to buy my name, I'll start the bidding at 10k gold. The gold can really be on any server, any faction since I'll be taking advantage of my free realm and faction change.

Mods, if this is not allowed please delete this and accept my apologies, I have seen many threads like this and while I realize that doesn't make it right, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the posts to begin with.
Last chance for you to be a Pirate! SoR time runs out 12/15 at 1:20PM

Couldn't anyone just friend you in-game and as soon as you 'no longer exist' spam character create? Seems pretty risky to give you gold now that anyone can be on the lookout for you vanishing from their friends list.

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