Can I make TSM post w/o undercutting?

On my server, it costs about 15g to make a glyph. Obviously that varies somewhat, but I've made 15g my minimum posting price for glyphs.

Right now, when someone posts a glyph for less than 15g, TSM says the lowest buyout is below my threshold, and doesn't post my glyph.

I'd like to change things so that, under these circumstances, TSM posts my glyphs at my threshold, even if it means not being the lowest bidder. Better yet, I'd like to ignore the glyphs that have been posted below my threshold, and have TSM undercut the lowest seller who *is* above my threshold. But I'd be happy with the first way.

Partly I want to do this on the off chance that the really cheap glyphs get bought, then the next customer can buy my glyph. But mostly, I just want things to be easier to manage. Right now I have a whole frostweave bag full of glyphs that TSM won't post. So every time I want to re-post my glyphs, I have to take the unposted glyphs out of the bank, try to post them, and then put them back if they don't post. (Keeping them in my bags isn't really an option.) It would be fine if the same glyphs were always priced too low; I just wouldn't sell those glyphs then. But I'm concerned that the particular glyphs that are priced below 15g will change from day to day. So I'd like to be able to treat all glyphs the same, and keep them posted on the auction house.

So, bottom line: Is there any way I can make TSM post my glyphs at my threshold price, even if it's not the lowest on the auction house at the time?
under group overrides near the bottom under "advanced price settings(reset method)" theres a dropdown box. Change it from "Don't Post items" to "Post at threshold"

you probably have to have advanced settings enabled if you dont already.

When i was starting out had a similar want for the same storage reason and what i did was set it to post at fallback to essentially use the AH as storage because if my costs are 15g a glyph, i dont want to sell it for 15g.
Yup! It's the reset method under advanced price settings:

Edit: Zach beat me while I was logging in to take the screenshot. :3
Thank you; I'll try this.
Another good mod is BankStack for quickly throwing glyphs in/out of the bank, just in case you find the whole posting at threshold thing becomes too much mail in the future (I did).
Then I will keep BankStack in mind.

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