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I frequently live stream on TwitchTV and I need a proper banner designed for my channel, simple put I suck at graphics. All I want is something basic it would need to include the graphic of my fire mage in the current xmorg set, link to my twitch channel page, link to twitter and link to youtube.

What do I win?

- 1x Cinder Kitten -
- 1x Heart of the Aspects -

Example Banners

How long will the comp run for?

No set time at this point I will run the comp as long as it takes until I find something I like. However once I do I will announce the winner on this page and edit the front page as well to ensure no one else wastes their time.

Not sure if Blizz will allow this might even get deleted but if you are serious you can add my btag and contact me there as well Xterminatz#6691

Let the best win!


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