LF More Active 60 Twinks

sixzero - is a level 60 twink guild, we do all the classic raids with a group of 60's, wargames, and do premades and bgs. Come join us for nice members who help you gear up or level up if your not quite there yet! on the realm darkspear!
I'm not a twink but i'll tag along for whatever you guys want to do. This character's a bank alt, and I haven't done anything serious on him since 2006. I don't need or want any gear either, I just want to come for fun.
You guys still active? if so i would be willing to transfer and join you
60 prot/arms warrior lf guild or people to play with real id is alexwaro14@yahoo.com pst me in game
I got ganked by a level 80 twink raid a few days ago outside nax. :(

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