[H] Something Awesome LFM

<Something Awesome> is looking to fill its first 10 man raid group with a few exceptional players.

Raid times for our first group are Saturday at 12:20 AM (So actually Sunday morning) and Sunday at 11:00 PM. Both of these times are server time of course. Please contact Lavine, or Hestyx to talk about joining the group.

Our current progression is 4/6 in MSV and we plan on hitting up HoF very soon.

A little about what we're exactly looking for in a potential guild member:
The usual rhetoric really. Someone who pulls their weight, has a good attitude and can joke around but also not joke around when it's time to focus on downing a boss. The guild is 18+ maturity wise. This is less of a literal age restriction and more of a guideline for what you can expect to see in guild chat or hear on vent. Suffice it to say everything can be rated R, and nothing is strictly off limits. Of course guild officers do reserve the right to tell someone to tone it down as well. It's more or less about how good of a fit you are with us and vise verse.
With that said all guild members will be put on a probationary recruit phase - prospect rank - of one month before being accepted as a full member. Of course recruits can raid with us and even loot with us but if at that 1-month period it is decided that maybe the guild and that recruit need to part ways, the recruit will be removed from the guild.

As far as full raiders with the guild we expect someone who has their professions maxed as well as having all flasks and consumables ready for the themselves come raid time. The only thing provided by the guild will be feasts once it's determined that a raid group has the mechanics of a particular encounter down and just need that extra "oomph" to tackle it.

Our recruitment needs are as follows.

Tank - High Need (Anything but a druid really since we have one already)

DPS - Closed (Exceptional players please feel free to apply)

Heals - Closed (Exceptional players please feel free to apply)
Super awesome boss kill video!


Need an active strong tank!

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