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Hi there,

I'm looking for a guild which raids only 2 weeknights. I have 16/16 exp with 2/16HM. I'm looking for 10 man team preferably that understand that real life is demanding enough without needing to dedicate 12 hours a week (plus preparation time and dailies) to WoW as well. That being said, when its raid time its raid time. I come prepared and on time to raids and I presume the other members to do the same. I have max cooking so can provide feasts, max fishing, Enchanting and Tailoring. I am exalted with all MoP factions except for the new Dominance Offensive.

I also have a 480 ilvl Ele OS and a 476 ilvl Frost DK, if you're not specifically looking for an Enh shammy.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Still looking
Hi there, how can I contact you? My tag is anythinglei#1236
We raid mainly two day per week, 10pm to 12 30am GMT +8 timing. (Singapore time).
I will be online this evening and will try and contact you in game
there must be like-minded players out there with similar exp
Dissent on Barthilas Alliance are a 25man group who raid 3 nights but who have a few members who are on a standing 2 night schedule due to RL activities or sport. We are 11/16 and it sounds like you may be a good fit. 8pm till 11pm Wed, Thurs and Monday. Check us out at dissentguild.net

We just had a long term player enhance shammy retire so are looking for someone with your spec.
Lucid Dream on Jubei'Thos are a recently formed guild who are planning being in the top 10 on our server next tier. We have been through several players who have proven to be unreliable, just bad, or could no longer make our raid times and have managed to put together a solid 9 people this week. We are currently 6/6 MV 3/6 HoF and plan to start on H MV soon. Progression would be much further along if we had a full group each week with the same people. Raid times: 7pm-midnight thursday + sunday (server time). We are in need of either and ele shaman or Hunter. Get back to me if interested :)
do you play heals at all and what are your thoughts on frostmourne alliance?

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