Character prompt: Spare some change?

Wyrmrest Accord
Jek'zul looks down to the beggar, frowning.

"We've all lost a great deal. I feel for you."

He reaches into one of his belt pouches and takes out a single gold coin, handing it down to the beggar.

"A better option would be finding a job. I've got plenty of them that I could pay you for."
Nox walks by, ignoring the beggar completely as if oblivious to their existence.
Vehn would at first walk by without a second glance. However, he had made eye contact with the begger before he could turn his gaze away with his hat. Every step he took away from the man intensified the visual image of those desperate eyes in his mind.

The orc reluctantly comes to a slow stop before muttering a curse under his breath. He turns around, walking back to the begger and extends a gauntleted hand to the man. "I'll get you a meal in exchange for you tellin' me your story. I know a place nearby that's quiet, decent food too. We have a deal?"

A subtle smirk stretches over the jaded orc's features, a rare sight from him. But he simply knows the value of another's story. Especially when the owner doesn't even know its worth or severely underestimates it. After that, a simple question is all that's needed:

"So...what's the next chapter?"
Vallaunius Varlisse didn’t care what the man’s story was. It wasn’t necessarily due to insensitivity, but the simple fact that so many had suffered and been displaced from one calamity or another. Details mattered not; the man was in need.

Still, the magus stood there, arms crossed, perhaps feigning a bored expression. He looked down at the beggar, and smirked.

“I think at this point, I’m supposed to conjure some mage food, throw it at you and walk away. Maybe throw in some mystical words of wisdom.”

In fact, he could hear his brother, Xanthion, lecturing him on how mage food wasn’t sustainable. He fished a few gold coins and tossed them at the beggar.

“I’m a man of logic, but I also believe in fate and the Light. I suggest you clean yourself up, buy some better clothes, treat yourself to some real food … and make a wise decision on what to do with the rest.” After all, one never knew if the beggar was just a disguise for something else – a con, perhaps, or a morality test of some kind.

Vallaunius smiled pleasantly, and as he walked away, murmured, “You get what you give.”
Jerome frowns, glaring at the unfortunate beggar.
"Dear boy, you truly are most unlucky! I have an offer for you, however. Gather some wooden planks and I will pay you in coin, I shall also reward you with an apple! If this offer does not appeal to you, I can remove the stress of life for free! As a ghoul, we shall frolic in the fields without a care, happy as a small rabbit stripped of its boots. After a few minutes, though, I think your enchanted corpse will lose 'the magic' you will be left without life or unlife. Pick one of two."
Without another word, or an answer from the beggar, he swiftly strides away, cane at hand and cape waving softly in the wind. Picking up a rat and placing it in his trouser pocket as he takes his leave.
The large, feral-looking troll paused to blink down at the begger, tilting his head to one side. He wasn’t often begged for things, so it was curious enough to attract his attention. Seji crouched down a bit, sniffing and wrinkling his nose at the smell. Long ears perk and flick as the begger explained, brow furrowing a bit.

“Ya dun know ‘ow ta feed yeself?” the Primal asked with a bit of surprise. “T’ought everywun knew ‘ow ta ‘unt!”

Shaking his head a bit, the Shatterspear dug into his satchels, producing a skin full of water and a neat little parcel of dried meat and fruits. The troll reached to set it down in front of the begger with a shrug and a sharp-toothed grin. He rose and turned away with a lazy wave.

“Dat feed ya fer a few days, frend. But ah be suggestin’ ya clean up and tomorrow ya look fer work. Plenteh ta be ‘ad.”
The paladin stops, her long blue cloak dusting at her heels. Pale brows immediately furrow as she regards the gentleman. She smiles warmly, and sifts a tiny gauntlet through her bag for a few coins and a skin of water.

"Here." Her eyes never leave the man. "May the light grace you, in such dark times." Spoken with a voice as gentle as her nature.

With that, Emlee would bless the downtrodden, and be on her way. Albeit she would make it a point to return and check on him.
*Looks at the beggar and frowns.*

I do not give out coin, sir, but I will feed you and teach you to fish.

*Proceeds to lay out all the food she has stuffed in her bags for Civardi's outrageous appetite and instruct the poor man on how to make gold through fishing like she did.*
Maenion stopped and looked down at the "downtrodden" individual who's scent was that of old coin and smirked. Kneeling, the old Kaldorei looked direct into the eyes of the beggar, the low rumble of his voice akin to an oncoming storm.

"Coin, you ask for..? You smell of many as it is now. How many others have fallen for your words of despair I wonder. Leave, and take your thieving trickery with you."
-Fielton walks up to the beggar and stares for a moment. A strange look evolves on his face until he sneezes and fire shoots out of his nostrils. The beggar is covered in fel fire and quickly disintegrates. Fielton quickly checks to make sure no one saw his folly and walks off.-
Hadhan would give the man a few gold pieces and, if this happened in Stormwind, would point him in the direction of the church district where he could receive aid from the clergy.
"Oh honey, I been there... Lemme show ya some tricks ta help get ya back on your feet! Hell, I got some jobs I need done I'd be willin ta shell out some coin for too, same goes for my Boss. Whattaya say? Let's talk it ovah at tha bar! My treat!"
Mags looks at the begger, her nose curling a bit at the smell.

"Dun' joo have a profession? Sumptin' joo could be doin' for moneh instead oh' livin' off of piteh?" she asks with a hint of disdain, turning to walk off before giving the man another look.

"Ah... jus' dis' once," she mutters, "But make sumptin' of joreself. Quit gripin' and start doin'," she suggests, tossing him some coins and a pouch of food.
As Alshiva slowly walks passed the beggar, she tips her hat up and looks down at the poor man. With a warm smile, she reaches into her pouch of coins and pulls out a full gold coin. Stretching out her arm towards the man, she waits for him to reach for it. With a scowl, she tosses the coin back into her left hand, spitting at the man's feet.

I begged. I pleaded. I groveled before wealthy men. What did I get? A spit in the face. Beat til' I was bloody. I fought for it. Why should you be any different?

Placing the coin back in her pocket, she turns on heel and walks away from the man, visibly irritated.
The death knight pauses and examines this feeble man with interest.

"Robbed of your riches..glory." He lets out a subtle snicker "Fate is cruel is it not?

He exhales, placing his both hands on his waist as he looks around "How are nothing but a lesser being, worse than a peasant a peon..a mindless light bigoted ale obsessed beard sprite..a Fel infused elf..a newkind fur coated cur who speaks of false peace between the two factions and harmony that is beyond the reach of mortal kind. " He leans closer to the man "Or unliving one like me." He chuckled. "But being like this..means immortality and therefore I consider myself superior to the likes of you."

He sighed and offers the man a piece of bread "Accept this offer, be my squire and perhaps I can give a little meaning to your life."

"Reject, then I shall consider you unwise for you have missed a rare opportunity."

The death knight would also add "Oh and worry not..I will not turn you into a mindless automaton of flesh and are not even worth it."
Reshuv looked down at the beggar, his gaze was cold and harsh. "You have nothing then? No family or friends, no money or home, follow me, I will help you."

As Reshuv drew the hopeful man into the alley, a wicked smirk crossed the man's face as a knife slipped from his sleeve, "This world mistreats those who have lost all, let me ease your suffering, and send you to the next world quickly."
Avamy looks around for a moment and then fumbles for her bag with uncoordinated hands, dropping a few coins for the beggar.

"I, uh, hear there are some easy 'pickings' for a little coin around Eversong, if you know what I mean. Just don't get hooked yourself," she glances down restlessly and backs away, continuing on her way.
Sai had just flown into Ironforge to prepare her home for the upcoming Winter's Veil celebrations that was her responsibility this year. As she wandered through the backstreets, a young dwarf blocked her path. She noted that he appeared to have been living rough recently.

"Spare a few coins?" the young dwarf asked.

Sai thought that the dwarf beggar was not that much younger than herself. She thought that it was surprising that they didn't have some work to fall back onto. She had managed to work on her jewelcrafting trade and while gathering materials would do some mercenary work to supplement her income. She turned to the young dwarf and offered some assistance.

"I'm sorry young lad, I don't have anything to spare for no foreseeable benifit," Sai explained. "However, I would be willing to offer you some help if you are willing to work for it. I could always use an apprentice in my store to teach my trade to. I also have a position free for gatherers as well if you are interested in going out into the world. You would be able to earn extra money if you did this as well. Here is my business card if you choose to take me up on my offer. I'll be at my store tomorrow morning."

Sai handed the beggar her business card and proceeded to her home to get ready for the influx of visitors that she was expecting over the next few weeks.
"Spare some--"

Without breaking stride Tycoon Dangerous drops a bag full of money into the bum's begging cup and continues walking without saying a word or otherwise acknowledging what just happened.
Ri-yen looks at the bum with an appraising glance. "Eh. Everybody gets one for free."

She flips a coin into the cup and nods at the beggar. "Just know that relying solely on the kindness of others, only goes as far as they are willing to take you. May want to find something to get you off the street."

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