Phased: Heart of the Alliance

Bug Report
Operation Shieldwall quest line: I did the quest but Shrine of the seven stars is still phased out for me.
Bug or...?
I am also in a phased Shrine of Seven Stars after completing this quest. The item upgrader NPC and Spirit of Harmony vendor, Krystel, are missing from my phased Shrine.
Quantity on Turalyon is also experiencing this issue.
I'm getting this issue too. I also can't see the Spirit of Harmony vendor and the Item Upgrader. Getting to be a bit annoying. :/
After i completed the quest it did stay phased for me - All i had to do was fly away till shrine was out of site, once i came back it was back to normal. What im asking is - Did you just stay in shrine or fly away and come back with it still phased?
I tried that and I've ported out and stuff but it hasn't fixed the problem for me. A bit annoying. :(
bug remains after today's minor patch. have it on 3 toons
I'm having the same problem on 3 of 4 toons that did the quest. The one not having the problem stayed behind to watch all the boring role play...the 3 still phased gtfo after turning the quest in.
I'm also still bugged out, phased from everyone and nothing i do fixes it
and still there.
Still phased into the quest version of shrine :(
Still phased, bartender vendor is missing as well as those mentioned above. Been about 4 days now.
The horde version of the quest echos of thunder is also having the same bug.
Can you at least put another spirit of harmony vendor somewhere temporarily?
bugged for me too :(


sha stuff still everywhere, missing the Spirit of Harmony vendor
It's been a few days since completing the "Heart of the Alliance" quest and it's still phased for me. My main concern is that Voidbinder Lunshur (for item upgrade) is missing.. would like to spend some valor points for upgrading items but it is impossible without the NPC.....
Still phased out. Very frustrating. Friend had no problem and we did the quest together. He likes to listen to the dialog after the quest was turned in. I didn't even realize there was dialog and little mini-event after turn-in, so I flew away. The city remains unphased for him, but phased for me, so it would seem the mechanic breaks when you fly out of range of the npcs doing the dialog while they are talking. Just speculation. Either way, it's broken, and my ticket only produced the usual "please disable your addons, blah blah blah".
Been stuck in this lonely shrine for days now too. I put a petition in and the GM just said they'd write a report and couldn't help me. But this is frustrating that a few of those key NPCs are missing (not to mention you know, it is kinda lonely here!)

I'm pretty sure I didn't fly around during the RP either, 99% positive I just alt tabbed and let it run its course. So I dunno. It's frustrating, that's for darn sure though. >.<

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