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Bug Report
well, I guess ill put in an ingame ticket and see if they can assist. both my warrior and dk are stuck atm and as much as I enjoy the peace and quiet of my own private shrine of the seven stars, it would be nice to trade in some spirits of harmony ;D
Two of my three 90s are also in this situation. "Actively working on a fix" is all well and good, but meanwhile, we're all still stuck without the full benefits of the Shrine (missing vendors, etc). Is there a timeframe on getting this bug taken care of, yet?
My character Gnometanks on Thunderhorn is stuck in the phase also, I accepted a LFR que just after turning in the quest. Apparently if you do not wait for the Lore and then follow an npc back through the city to the outside terrace (I watched someone else complete the quest and followed them until the disappeared or "unphased") you character gets permanently stuck in the quest phased city.
They really need to stop the extra lore scenes after quest turn-ins make it part of the quest and once you are done with the scene or lore then have the turn-in available or better yet if your going to incode a follow on requirement make sure its a cut-scene we can escape out of or require to watch since most of us Assume once you turn in a quest and don't receive a follow-on quest its safe to leave.
^^^ update I posted this before logging into the game. Last night it was still phased but I just went to 7 stars and its back to normal. No notes from gm or anything to explain the "fix" but I'll accept it.
Looks like this has been fixed my stuck characters are no longer stuck.
This has been fixed for me as well. Many thanks.
Fixed for me too.
I am actually having this problem now at shrine of two moons, I reported it but was told to reload ui and update my addons, which did not help. It's been going on for about a month, any advice? :/
Having this issue at Shrine of Seven Stars... Have they still not fixed this?

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