Flame shock= Searing Flames

Let me know what you think about this idea, Flame Shock being able to add searing Flame to your target each tick, through glyph or just enhance talent.

We all know searing totem is broken.
Thats all well and good except for a few things, how would it interact with AoE spreads through lava lash, and how do you plan to buff searing totem to keep it useful? As it stands its only a very small part of shaman dps so searing flames is what makes it a vital component.

A pure damage buff or even better, the old stacking dot it used to give (without it being consumed by lava lash) sounds fantastic.
12/09/2012 08:58 PMPosted by Nabudis
he old stacking dot it used to give

That was the worst part about it in Cata, because it made target switching painful.
Get rid of searing totem buff flame shock a lil bit damage wise to compensate and have flame shock give searing flames buff and since searing flames currently is a buff on the shaman itself that is maxed out at 5 stacks it wont be affected by AoE but if you wanted it to affect AoE it could always also increase dmg of fire nova instead of just lava lash

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