FC question!

Hey FC's,

Are you guys buying all your malevolent gear first, or are you upgrading your sword and board as soon as possible?
PVP power and resil don't care what piece they come from. It doesn't really matter if you are a flag carrier or not, you want to upgrade the pieces that give you the most of those stats quickest.
Agree with the above. In my case the biggest boost came from upgrading the big 3 pieces: helm, chest, legs. Sadly our pvp shield is underbudgeted for some reason and is missing a good chunk of pvp stats compared to other mh+oh combos.
Once you get that Resilience up to close to 60% I'd say socket stamina as much as possible. D stance is gonna take away another 25%. Physical based damage might not even tickle you at that point. Not to mention your free thunderclaps reducing damage even further and shield barriers+ spell reflects. If you die with less than ten stacks at that point you really ought to consider not tanking a 40 man group alone....
Socketing resil is still more EH in PVP than stam.
After I buy my malevolent chest, though I should have last week but didn't do any rbgs, I'm buying that then upgrading armor first since they give the most resil and stamina.

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